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motorcycle accident attorney The moments, hours and days following a motorcycle accident are some of the most stressful times in a person’s life. At a time when you should be able to focus on healing and recovering from your injury, you’re dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and calls from insurance companies that don’t have your best interests at heart. A lawyer can help, but most people don’t fully understand what motorcycle accident lawyers do.

In fact, a motorcycle accident lawyer can be the difference between a low settlement (or no settlement) and receiving full compensation for your damages. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you will want to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.motorcycle accident attorney

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What is a motorcycle accident lawyer?

motorcycle accident attorney – A motorcycle accident lawyer is a type of personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers help those who have been injured in an accident to recover financially for damages such as:

Prescription drugs
lost money
Lose earning power
Vehicle damage and
Pain and suffering

motorcycle accident attorney – Personal injury lawyers specialize in tort law. According to Georgia Code § 51-1-1, a tort is a “mere breach of contract, express or implied” or a “breach of a public duty” in which the victim is harmed, other than the unlawful violation of a private legal right. If someone causes an auto accident, they are negligent – in other words, they have violated their legal duty to act in a way that does not harm others.

Motorcycle accidents fall under tort law. If a personal injury lawyer specializes in helping you win compensation after a motorcycle accident, they are also known as a motorcycle accident lawyer. Their aim is to rehabilitate the accident victim through compensation.

What does a motorcycle accident lawyer do?

In order to get the financial recovery you deserve, here are some specific ways a motorcycle accident lawyer can help with your case.

Explain your rights

Most motorcycle accident victims have never been in such a position before. Knowing where to turn at first can be difficult, and you’ll likely have many questions. Your lawyer can guide you after your accident to make sure you understand your legal rights and other details of your case.

motorcycle accident attorney – In Georgia, if someone violates their legal duty and you are injured as a result, you have the right to seek damages (Georgia Code § 51-1-6). This means you have the legal right to file a personal injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company or sue them for damages.

Providing legal guidance and advice

A motorcycle accident often involves confusing legal or insurance jargon that most people don’t understand. You also have to deal with the insurance company, which may try to get information from you to use against you or encourage you to accept a lower settlement.

motorcycle accident attorney – Your motorcycle accident lawyer can walk you through the legal process with a professional eye and make sure the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you. This is why a lawyer will advise you not to accept the first settlement offer, agree to make a statement, or sign anything from the insurance company without consulting them first. They will ensure that your every move is helping your case and not hurting it.

A motorcycle accident lawyer will handle the legal aspects of your case so you can focus on treatment, healing and being with your loved ones after the accident.

Building your motorcycle accident case

Before filing your motorcycle accident claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, you must gather evidence to show that:

Motorcycle accidents have occurred and caused your injuries.

This accident happened due to the negligence of the parties.

You have suffered damages as a result of a motorcycle accident.

A motorcycle accident lawyer will know what information to gather and compile to build a strong insurance claim. They will work to collect photos from the scene, obtain copies of reports, take witness statements, collect medical records and more. The goal is to show how the accident happened, who was at fault, and why the at-fault party is responsible for your damages.

Your lawyer will also wait until you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI), the point at which you have recovered as much as possible through treatment. This way, they can accurately calculate your total loss, including past and future medical expenses. When they have all the information they need, your lawyer will compile all the evidence to prepare and file your claim. motorcycle accident attorney .

Negotiate for a fair settlement

motorcycle accident attorney – When you file your insurance claim, the insurance company will review it and respond. The insurance company may respond with an offer, but it’s usually a low amount that doesn’t come close to covering your loss. The insurer may try to make it seem like a good deal (or the best you can get) — but you’ll know better if you have a lawyer on your side.

A motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to deal with insurance companies. They will work to negotiate a settlement amount based on your damages that is actually fair to you. If they succeed, you get paid.

Representing you in court

motorcycle accident attorney – Most motorcycle accident cases end in settlement, especially if the injured motorcyclist hires an experienced attorney. However, in some cases, the insurance company will not agree to settle well enough. If so, your lawyer may recommend filing a lawsuit.

motorcycle accident attorney -Your lawyer will represent you through every step of the litigation process. Before going all the way to trial, they will work toward a settlement along the way. Settlements are often reached at this point, but if you have to go all the way to trial, your lawyer will be there to fight for your rights.

motorcycle accident attorney -Get a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer
A motorcycle accident lawyer can make all the difference in your recovery after your accident. At John Foy & Associates, working with us is risk-free because we don’t charge a fee unless we win your money. Also, consultation is always free.


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